Monday, October 25, 2010


Saturday, October 09, 2010


I started meditating. And it changed my life. However, it’s hard to keep doing it every day like I would want to. But it’s so worth it. It’s good to clear the mind of all the clutter and unnecessary thoughts. Ramble, ramble, STOP! clear * refresh * good, positive thought flow * relaxation. it’s wonderful. 
But, I really haven’t done it in awhile. I must get started on it again.I just can’t help but think of all the crap I have to do all the time though. But that’s exactly the point of meditation, is to step back and clear the mind and focus better on what is needed. 
lalala, just figured I’d post something.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Love & Happiness - Al Green, dope

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Keeping my feelings to myself. 

Saturday, August 07, 2010

"The Guidelines" - Aceylaone

Friday, August 06, 2010

Me, today.

I am great! Life is the most beautiful truth of existence ever. Haha, i am so in love ! I finally feel like I am preparing for what I personally believe life is all about, and not what i've been brainwashed to believe. Much happier days. I am light as a feather! Going w/ the flow, and letting love guide me.
Meditation has changed my life, lol.

I am so in love with LIFE! I am happy I have finally chosen to love! There is light and darkness in all of us, and for a little while I was focusing on how bad things can be. I was afraid of the possibility of evil and it's existence. I gave so much power and focus to the fear that evil might happen that I just wanted to give up on everything. But I wasn't looking at "everything," I was just looking at the bad stuff.. Now that i'm finally letting myself see how GOOD things can be, I want to cherish what I have. I choose to love everything that is living and breathing on this planet because we're all here Now. I choose to be light over darkness! =) I choose to shine rather than blind the next generation of children with fear of living and of life. This world is NEUTRAL. a Balance of things...there's good and bad, but it's all about what you focus on and the change you bring to things...we're all so important just bcuz we're alive and that makes us so beautiful. So yes, I am in love and happy I found it in myself to love unconditionally despite all the darkness in this world. I am brave! A true warrior =) My love will conquer any darkness, and the only way darkness can conquer me is if i let it...i have the power, i have the control. I choose to inspire and encourage human potential, rather than to tell people what is right or wrong, or to let people tell me what is right or wrong.

How has everything been with you?

Absence of Love, Light = Hate, darkness.

The same way fear can conquer our mind, body, and spirit like an infectious disease and destroy our belief in our Self and our Power, it is the same way love can conquer any darkness, fear, and hate that has possibility to cultivate within us.

Everything is possible. Beware of the possibility of destruction. Nothing lasts forever or is promised - but love unconditonally Now anyway. Because NOW is all what got.

Cold is the "absence" of heat.
Hate is the "absence" of love.
Dark is the "absence" of light.

darkness comes into light.
light does not come into darkness; light can be suppressed by darkness
but light is never destroyed; it is only "absent"

Darkness is not meant to conquer light. Darkness is here to be lit.

In a dark room, people started by lighting a candle so they could see.

When you find yourself in the dark, lost and confused - light a candle. Be positive. Love yourself.
Find the good in You. Light up Your darkness.
When the darkness in others is revealed to you, when it attacks Your light and tries to suppress you - DO NOT let your candle be blown out by their cold wind of fear and hate. Instead, realize that they are a candle, just like You. They can be light, but their light has been suppressed; blown out. It is up to You, to stand your ground, protect Your light, and try to the light the Fire that has burned out in others. But also beware of those whose candle has been lit by a fire that destroys...we're all "burning"; living-breathing Spirits, as long as we're still alive. But some people have caught a fire that destroys and they move on to continue to destroy and infect others. Beware of this!! Be stronger than this!! Shine brighter, always. It was never a good idea for anyone to become "less" than who they are or to believe they are less than or better than anyone else. Encourage love, inspire love, spread a fire...
 Light your candle with LOVE. Fuel your firelight with LOVE.

Your fire can change the world.
& The Law of Nature is "Nothing is Impossible."- Stabilized, neutral, karma, justice, a BALANCE.
So, what I am getting at is that keeping all this mind, it means, your Fire has great possibility of conquering through hate or through love...emptiness or purpose.
What you do with your fire, means everything to what happens next in this world...
& whether or not it is destroyed, or protected by a Light that burns in all of us. A fire of Peace and Joy.

Pure happiness.

this all means "something."

Everyday at 3'oclock. We should all grab the next persons hand next to us, and reflect on Peace. Even if there is no hand to grab, just trust that your fellow humans are all reflecting on peace. Do not fear the evil in others. Instead, inspire Love. Love conquers all.

Love conquers fear; hate; evil.

Love, and the world will love back.